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Product Sourcing For Wholesale Suppliers And Distributors

Secrets Of Wholesale

Attending Trade Shows Yourself

Trade shows are a very good way to come out with a lot of information about a lot of different companies selling products. Be prepared when you attend a trade show by knowing what your market research has shown you about specific products for your niche. While you are there pick up anything you do not know much about and research it later, you may run into an idea. Trade shows are typically held at a convention center in most major cities throughout the world.

Buying Information from a Product Sourcing Expert

If you do not have the time or money to attend trade shows you may want to consider sourcing products from a product sourcing expert. This is a very flexible method because you can get immediate information on wholesale suppliers and distributors for certain types of products with specific shipping methods. When searching for a product sourcing expert you want to consider how credible their sources are. How far their reach is and how much information they can offer you. Some product sourcing experts may only have sourced products in certain markets and may have some really good suppliers in mind for that market but fail to support anything else related. From my website is a link labeled product sourcing in the navigation bar which can tell you the top 5 things you need to know about product sourcing.

Contacting Wholesale Suppliers

If you are not used to contacting suppliers and knowing what questions to ask then you may want to practice on some companies you have found at trade shows that you don’t really care to do business with. The two most important questions to ask when contacting a wholesale supplier are:

What shipping methods are offered?

What are your products prices?

Always be professional sounding and never to casual and relaxed. Being prompt and to the point lets them know that this is about business and you are not wasting their time. Sending a letter or an email after you have contacted these wholesale suppliers lets them remember you and can give you positive recommendations for your better suppliers.

Ebay Power Sellers Source Real Wholesale Distributors

Secrets Of Wholesale

The secret behind every successful eBay power seller is not only their sales skills and reputation but their connections to real wholesale distributors. Sourcing products with real wholesale distributors is the basic need for any eBay power seller. Your business can only be as good as your wholesale distributors are to you.

Building Your Reputation

To be successful at selling a lot of products on eBay you have to build a good reputation with the eBay consumer base. Customers are more willing to buy from someone who has a flawless reputation rather than someone who has no reputation at all. I personally would rather spend a few extra dollars to buy the same product from someone who had a perfect reputation rather than from someone who has a bad reputation or no reputation at all. Keeping a perfect customer satisfaction rating is very important to all power sellers. It takes a while to build a good reputation and you may even need to take some losses just to keep it perfect but it is well worth it for the long term.

Wholesale Distributors

The key to being a successful eBay power seller is having a real wholesale distributor with quality in demand products at your finger tips. You can be successful with a wholesale distributor who offers drop shipping to your customers but you can slowly gain scars on your reputation from some of the problems that can arise from drop shipping services. Using bulk wholesale distributors can grant you full control over your business. You will always know what you have available in stock and you can control the shipping of the product. This is the more professional approach because you can personalize your packages and you can get better prices on your products when you buy in bulk.

Multiple Wholesale Distributors

When you hook up with a wholesale distributor do not just try to sell all the products in their inventory only. Sell only the products that best fit the needs of your target customers and try to find more products of the same kind for your customers from other wholesale distributors. Having a good selection can give you an advantage over your competition. Some people shop for low prices while other people shop for a quality brand. Having two products of the same kind made by different companies can give you the ability to make sales to each type of shopper.

Real Wholesale Distributors

A real wholesale distributor is a company who ships products in from the factory and then ships them out in bulk quantity to retailers all around the world. Wholesale distributors do not advertise their business to the consumer world and any of the products they carry are not advertised and marketed by them. The odds of finding a real wholesale distributor instead of middlemen by using a search engine are very slim. The way a wholesale distributor promotes their business is through word of mouth from business to business and through trade shows which are held annually in most of the worlds major cities.

These are the familiar keys to success as an eBay power seller. If you check the records of most of eBay’s power sellers you will see that they carry only the products for their target market and their products are available in different brands. The power sellers with the highest numbers will always have the best reputations with their customers and usually keep a mailing list and database of their paying customers.

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