Jewelry Making Secrets

Alice Kline, An accomplished & renowned jewelry maker with 14 (rock solid) years experience ‘SPILLS THE BEANS’ on how to make world class jewelry…

This step-by-step guide exposes the intricate techniques & secrets that have made a few jewelry-making gurus’s filthy rich leaving their competitors eating dust…

Purchase the JEWELRY MAKING SECRETS BLUEPRINT right now & here is what you will discover inside:

Step-by-Step instructions on how to make exquisite & attractive jewelry that will sell anywhere, anytime.

How to expertly decorate your jewelry & make them look attractive and stunning

How to establish yourself as a master jewelry expert

How to get your pieces sold for the best price

How to determine which jewelry pieces to design & make

Hot Jewelry making Secrets & Tricks that made me indispensible—that’s right; I will let you in on some of the most prized SECRETS that I have learned & practiced over the past 14 years…Yes, they will all be at your fingertips!

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His Guide to Her Jewelry

Table of Contents


Chapter I – Jewelry Giving Occasions

Chapter II – Precious Metals

Chapter III – Diamonds

Chapter IV – Other Precious, Semi-Precious & Man-Made

Chapter V – Pearls…Natural, Cultured and Imitation

Chapter VI – Other Things You Need to Know

Chapter VII – Jewelry for the Ages

Chapter VIII – Choosing Jewelry Styles

Chapter IX – Giving Religious Jewelry

Chapter X – The Symbolic Romance of Jewelry

Chapter XI – Giving Celtic Jewelry

Chapter XII – Giving Native American Jewelry

Chapter XIII – Giving Art Deco Jewelry

Chapter XIV – Personalizing Jewelry Gifts

Chapter XV – Jewelry Shopping on the Internet

Chapter XVI – Buying “Fad” Jewelry

Chapter XVII – Finding Antique Jewelry

Chapter XVIII – Jewelry Boxes and Armoires

Chapter XIX – Buying “THE” Ring

Chapter XX – Buying Antique Engagement Rings

Chapter XXI – Personalize the Rings

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Precious Stones

Every effort has been made to teach the fundamental principles and methods in use for identifying precious stones.


Nearly every portion of the subject that a gem merchant needs to know has been considered and there is provided for the interested public much material which will enable them to be more intelligent purchasers of gem-set jewelry, as well as more appreciative lovers of Nature’s wonderful mineral masterpieces.

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How to Sell Non-Marketing Niche Products

An Arsenal of Marketing Weapons at Your Disposal


This ebook will give you the ins and outs of selling niche products outside the internet marketing industry.

It will give you ideas for targeted sale letters, promotional e-mails, website content, list building and traffic generation.

They will give you an overall road map for improving your niche selling process.

How To Sell Jewelry
How To Sell Music
How To Sell Movies
How To Sell Video Games
How To Sell Sports Equipment
How To Sell Electronics
How To Sell Cosmetics
How To Sell Furniture
How To Sell Software
How To Sell Appliances
How To Sell Exercise Equipment
How To Sell Books And Magazines
How To Sell Baby Products
How To Sell Toys
How To Sell Diet Products
How To Sell Clothes
How To Sell Home Improvement Products
How To Sell Lawn And Garden Products
How To Sell Pet Products
How To Sell Party Supplies

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Updated Jobs and Careers eBook Store Kit


To help you get started with your new internet online home business, we would like to offer this jobs and career resell ebook store kit updated with newer products. 

This package contains a WordPress theme for setting up your very own ebook store with automatic delivery as well as 35 of our bestselling jobs and career ebooks and unlimited email support to help you anytime you have questions.

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A Practical Guide for Working from Home
Be a Freelancer from Home
Becoming a Magnetic Speaker
Beefing Up Your Career Skills
Beginners Guide: How to Make it into the Music Industry
Book Proposal Magic
Cake Decorating Business Secrets
Career Climber
Coaching the Coach
Create Your Own Job
Driving Your Passions
Fix It
Food Fanatic
Get Paid to Take Digital Photos
Get Suited Up
How to Be a DJ
How to Effectively Build Teams and Make Them Work
Inventors Handbook
Jewelry Business
Job Breakthrough
Leadership and Motivation
Making Your Own Low Budget Movie
Medical Coding from Home
Modern Interview Tips and Tricks
Portrait Photography Made Easy
Real Estate Essentials
Rich Landlord Poor Landlord
Service Business Synergy
TeeSpring know How
The Author’s Craft
The Career Planning Guide
Turning Tuition into a Business
Web Design Profits
Work at Home Ghostwriters
You’re Hired!

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